Orvis Evans

Portland, OR · (919) 883-5015 · b.orvis@gmail.com

Coming from a non-traditional developer background, I'm a generalist who solves complex technical problems with a focus on maintainability, flexibility, and solving the right problem.

While my greatest technology proficiency is currently in front-end web development, my true skill proficiency is in learning just enough with new technologies to quickly deliver value on it to customers and stake holders. This skill led to success in projects like:

  • Deconstructing a legacy Django application into APIs and Vue microfrontends
  • Developing an automation control hub for a 40 ft long, autonomous water dragon
  • Porting a complex streaming decompression algorithm from C# to Javascript
  • Automating translation of 3d animation files into control instructions for a 10,000lb dancing toucan
  • Scriping a cli to create and manage docker developer environments

My work is in 6 countries. I've represented employers overseas while training operators with language barriers, little technical knowledge, and multiple standards. I welcome new challenges, working with others, and making sense out of chaos.


Core Languages, Frameworks & Tools


Senior Software Engineer


Maintaining and extending an enterprise legacy Django product for cloud automation, decomposing its front-end into API-first Vue microfrontend applications, writing developer tooling to manage complex Docker environments, and mentoring new talent.

2020 - Current



Created MERN stack Web Apps, Electron desktop applications, Python desktop applications, Wordpress and Shopify sites, and HTML/CSS templates for clients.

2017 - 2020

Electro Mechanical Designer

Michael Curry Design

Researched, designed, purchased, wired, developed, coded, and fabricated complex electronic systems and applications for large scale puppets, animatronics and lighting installations for Disney, Wynn, Universal Studios, Broadway, and others. Worked with tight deadlines and budgets with loosely defined requirements.

2014 - 2020


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Bachelor of the Arts - Dramatic Arts
2006 - 2010

North Carolina School of Science and Math

Science and Math Residential Magnet Program
2004 - 2006


Toys and Experiments from 2017/2018

Roguelike Game

Roguelike Game

Scratch-built HTML / CSS / JS Roguelike game.

Pomodoro Clock

Pomodoro Clock

Scratch-built HTML / CSS / JS Pomodoro clock.

Markdown Previewer

Markdown Previewer

Scratch-built HTML / CSS / JS Markdown Previewer.

Drum Machine

Drum Machine

Scratch-built HTML5 / JS / React Drum Machine.