Orvis Evans

Portland, OR · (919) 883-5015 · b.orvis@gmail.com

Coming from a non-traditional developer background building apps and systems for large-scale art and entertainment, I solve complex technical problems.

I built a drive-by-wire system for a 36,000lb raver Art Car. I developed a Python front end application to act as a wireless automation control hub for a 40 ft long autonomous roving light up water dragon in Macau. I developed a Node.js server that receives 3d animation files and translates the data into control instructions for a 10,000lb dancing toucan. My work is in 6 countries. I've represented employers overseas while training operators with language barriers, little technical knowledge, and multiple standards.

It a time of Covid19, I'm focusing on digital work that can reach out through our collective isolation and make the world better.


Scratch-Built projects

Pinterest Clone

Pinterest Clone

Scratch-built Pinterest Clone with basic functionality and login via Twitter.

Roguelike Game

Roguelike Game

Scratch-built HTML / CSS / JS Roguelike game.

Pomodoro Clock

Pomodoro Clock

Scratch-built HTML / CSS / JS Pomodoro clock.

Markdown Previewer

Markdown Previewer

Scratch-built HTML / CSS / JS Markdown Previewer.

Drum Machine

Drum Machine

Scratch-built HTML5 / JS / React Drum Machine.

Url Shortener

URL Shortener

Scratch-built JS Microservice that shortens URLs.

Wordpress and Shopify Sites

Story Slam Singapore

Story Slam Singapore

Singapore's largest monthly recurring storytelling event. Managed Wordpress site with customized theme.

AM Customs

AM Customs

Shopify site with customized theme selling merch, parts and supplies for a maker's youtube channel.

Invisible Spectrum Stories

Invisible Spectrum Stories

Storytelling series in Portland, OR focused on giving a voice to people of color. Managed Wordpress site with customized theme.




Created MERN stack Web Apps, Electron desktop applications, Python desktop applications, Wordpress and Shopify sites, and HTML/CSS templates for clients.

2017 - 2020

Electro Mechanical Designer

Michael Curry Design

Researched, designed, purchased, wired, developed, coded, and fabricated complex electronic systems and applications for large scale puppets, animatronics and lighting installations for Disney, Wynn, Universal Studios, Broadway, and others.

2014 - 2020

Technical Costume Supervisor

Universal Studios Singapore

Oversaw a team of technical costume and puppetry maintenance personnel while creating electronic systems for tracking, accountability, and inventory management and ordering.

2014 - 2014


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Bachelor of the Arts - Dramatic Arts
2006 - 2010

North Carolina School of Science and Math

Science and Math Residential Magnet Program
2004 - 2006


Programming Languages & Tools